About this blog

In our blog we’ll give you a closer look at some of the records in our care so you can see what we do and why. You can also learn more about what it’s like to visit us and use these records for yourself.

To use this blog, you can browse our categories to learn more about the themes outlined below. To narrow down your topic further, choose tags. You can view available categories and tags on the right-hand side of each blog post. Or feel free to browse our “archives” (the blog kind!).

Look for more posts on the following topics:

Archives How-tos

These posts offer guidance on how to use records for yourself when you visit us.

Why Records Matter

This series of posts will explore the vital information we can learn from common types of records.

Collection Highlights

In this series our archivists shine a spotlight on specific records in our care along with the stories that they tell.

Archival FAQs and Facts

These posts will answer the most common questions we get about archives.

Archives in Pop Culture

In this series we take a look at archives through the lens of pop culture: how do movies and books portray archives and archivists and what does this tell us (or not tell us) about the reality of the world of archives?

Case Studies: Archivists at Work

These posts invite you to look over our shoulder as we solve problems, make decisions,  trace connections, and document lives.

The Cumbrian Connection

This special three-part series examines what we can learn by comparing the archival records of two county archives on either side of the Atlantic bound together by a history of immigration and settlement.


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