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The Region of Peel’s archives is situated in PAMA, the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. In the archives, we collect, organize, store, and make available the historical records of the Region of Peel and the municipalities within it (Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon). Our records therefore cover the old County of Peel and the numerous small hamlets, villages, and towns within it from the early 19th century onwards.

We collect both official government records and the records of private individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our collections occupy over a kilometre of linear shelf space and include over one million photographs, thousands of maps and plans, and tens of millions of individual sheets of paper.

We take care of letters, diaries, journals, land indexes and deeds, council minutes, reports, bylaws, posters, pamphlets, circulars, newspapers, newsletters, photographs, maps, glass plate negatives, and many other unique and revealing items.

PAMA’s complementary collections of archival material (in the archives), artefacts (in the museum) and artwork (in the art gallery) work together to bring to life Peel’s history and culture for visitors and researchers.

To learn more about PAMA, visit our website.
To learn more about visiting the archives at PAMA including our hours and contact information, check out our page on the PAMA website.

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  3. Good Morning
    I am writing from Arizona to learn what you may have in archives about Duncan. Bartley or John Bull and Brampton Jerseys. I am an author and have written several books on cattle history (ronaldeusticepublications.com) which are available directly on through Amazon.

    My book Boxcar Boys: Riding The Rails With Bovine Beauties is very popular and I am writing a sequel. I plan to include the Bulls in the next edition. Attached is a very preliminary draft of what I have. I am looking for digital photos, any articles or information to supplement what I have. Thank you!
    Ronald Eustice


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